24 December 2011

Don't Start...I know.

Where have I been this December? The same answer I always give, I’m afraid: busy as all hell. I know, I’ve been a bad blogger. I promise I’m not going anywhere, at least not just yet.

A few random things I’ve done recently:

  1. Get pepper sprayed. In the face. And then complete a damn obstacle course with my eyes on fire. FML. I get to do this annually for the rest of my career! Fabulous.
  2. Drive 13 hours back to the best state in the union to visit my family.
  3. Host a brief reunion with my BFFs from high school for a little winter gathering.
  4. Add 5 days worth of music to my iTunes library. I know…awesome, yea?? I was thrilled.
  5. Lots of other random ridiculous things that I can’t blog about, but have been keeping me away from my computer for a month.

Anywho, regular blogging will commence shortly. In the meantime, muse on this:

I will maintain the truth
I knew naturally as a child;
I won't forfeit my creativity
To a world that's all laid out for me. 
I will look at everything around me,
And I will vow to bear in mind
That all of this was just someone's idea;
It could just as well be mine.
     ~Ani DiFranco, “Alla This.”

And, as a throw back to last year, here’s some musing I did on the topic of trees last time I was home for the holidays: Bringing In The (Fake) Green. Enjoy.