16 July 2012

Firebirds and Sea Nymphs

Firebird. This is my own painting, so if
you use the pic, please link back.
Oi. The business never stops, apparently. And by business, I mean both business and busy-ness.

I’ve got good news and I’ve got great news. The good news is that I made my first sale from The Shoppe Between The Trees, which I placed lovingly in the mail this afternoon after work :) It was with both delight and a slight tinge of sadness that I packaged up the Sea Nymph Necklace and sent it on its merry way to my first customer.

The great news is that I also completed another painting, now posted on my Etsy page! This painting was inspired by my favorite bit of Slavic mythology, the Firebird, and bears the same name as that gorgeous and ethereal creature. If and when someone purchases this painting, it will also be a bittersweet moment. If you recall a previous entry about my tattoo in which I explain the significance of the Firebird mythologically and personally, you’ll understand why.

While the artsy craftsy side of me has been in full force lately, I’m afraid my music is slipping. I believe I’ve picked up a guitar once or twice in the past year (ironically, it was while deployed), and the only singing I do anymore seems to be in the shower. It never ceases to baffle me how when I increase my involvement in one of my hobbies (or my career, or my running) at least another one of them seems to be temporarily forgotten.

I couldn’t really keep up with my Pagan practice while I was deployed, but there were definitely moments when I remembered how to pray. Still, I’d like to take some time now that I have it—well, more or less—to reconnect with my deities and landbase. Any suggestions? Right now I’m thinking a semi-casual midnight ritual sometime this weekend.

09 July 2012

Grand Opening of the Shoppe

Camel Princess Necklace
I have several items of happy news. First and foremost, I’m back in the great US of A! I couldn’t be happier to be stateside again, and although Texas hasn’t been having the best weather since my (re)arrival, it’s a helluva cooler than it was in the desert I left. Second order of business:

My Etsy shop is officially up and running as of a few minutes ago! Check it out here.

I spent all morning taking photos of my jewelry, carefully handcrafted over the past two or three years, and then all afternoon editing those photos and updating the listings. There are now 30 items available for sale at The Shoppe Between The Trees. Thus, I’m feeling quite productive this evening.

I’ll be pretty busy for the rest of this week and the next, with reintegration training and other fun military functions, but I’ll keep you updated. For a preview of some of the sparkly goodness available for sale on my Etsy shop, check out the pics below. Clicking on the pictures doesn't seem to work as a link, but if you click the caption below each--including the one in the above left corner of this post--it will link you to the item listing where you can buy it.

Chrystal Nebula Necklace

Guardian Necklace

Lioness Necklace

Sun God Necklace

04 July 2012

Guess Who's Back...Sorta

So…did you miss me? It’s been a while.

To all newcomers to my fantabulous blog, welcome! To old fans and friends and random passerbys who decided to stay and browse, welcome back! I’ve been a little MIA recently, but if you’ll notice the World Between The Trees has a bright new banner at the top, and I’ve been slowly but surely updating the Bookshelf page with new character profiles and other Aorean-minded updates related to my stories. I’ve got pics of new paintings to post, an Etsy shop I’m getting ready to open, and a shitton of experiences to relay. Thus, the return of regular blogging activities will come with a vengeance.

My life has been hectic as all hell since I last posted. I deployed, took charge of a Platoon of the best Soldiers in the world, and came back to Texas with everyone in one piece. Well, technically there’s a few of us still deployed and waiting for a plane, but hopefully soon we’ll have the whole crew reunited stateside. Any day now. Promise. In the mean time, I have nothing better to do but write and read and blog and update and brainstorm and all that other good stuff, so I thought I would reopen the blog early. I also really wanted to post this lovely fanart one of my recent followers made for me, drawn on a piece of a cardboard box:


Isn't that awesome? I have fanart! Anyway, while anticipating the next blogtastic update, check out the new public facebook page! I finally made a public one to go with the franchise that is springing forth from my pseudonym. Originally “Anden Jade” was just a writing name that I intended to one day publish my stories under…and then it became a blog, and then a twitter, and now an Etsy shop! I’ll post here with the link when we have the official grand opening. In the meantime, hit up the facebook and *like* Anden Jade! You’ll note the signature spiral alpha in the banner on there, too.

 Blessed be )O(