04 July 2012

Guess Who's Back...Sorta

So…did you miss me? It’s been a while.

To all newcomers to my fantabulous blog, welcome! To old fans and friends and random passerbys who decided to stay and browse, welcome back! I’ve been a little MIA recently, but if you’ll notice the World Between The Trees has a bright new banner at the top, and I’ve been slowly but surely updating the Bookshelf page with new character profiles and other Aorean-minded updates related to my stories. I’ve got pics of new paintings to post, an Etsy shop I’m getting ready to open, and a shitton of experiences to relay. Thus, the return of regular blogging activities will come with a vengeance.

My life has been hectic as all hell since I last posted. I deployed, took charge of a Platoon of the best Soldiers in the world, and came back to Texas with everyone in one piece. Well, technically there’s a few of us still deployed and waiting for a plane, but hopefully soon we’ll have the whole crew reunited stateside. Any day now. Promise. In the mean time, I have nothing better to do but write and read and blog and update and brainstorm and all that other good stuff, so I thought I would reopen the blog early. I also really wanted to post this lovely fanart one of my recent followers made for me, drawn on a piece of a cardboard box:


Isn't that awesome? I have fanart! Anyway, while anticipating the next blogtastic update, check out the new public facebook page! I finally made a public one to go with the franchise that is springing forth from my pseudonym. Originally “Anden Jade” was just a writing name that I intended to one day publish my stories under…and then it became a blog, and then a twitter, and now an Etsy shop! I’ll post here with the link when we have the official grand opening. In the meantime, hit up the facebook and *like* Anden Jade! You’ll note the signature spiral alpha in the banner on there, too.

 Blessed be )O(

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