09 July 2012

Grand Opening of the Shoppe

Camel Princess Necklace
I have several items of happy news. First and foremost, I’m back in the great US of A! I couldn’t be happier to be stateside again, and although Texas hasn’t been having the best weather since my (re)arrival, it’s a helluva cooler than it was in the desert I left. Second order of business:

My Etsy shop is officially up and running as of a few minutes ago! Check it out here.

I spent all morning taking photos of my jewelry, carefully handcrafted over the past two or three years, and then all afternoon editing those photos and updating the listings. There are now 30 items available for sale at The Shoppe Between The Trees. Thus, I’m feeling quite productive this evening.

I’ll be pretty busy for the rest of this week and the next, with reintegration training and other fun military functions, but I’ll keep you updated. For a preview of some of the sparkly goodness available for sale on my Etsy shop, check out the pics below. Clicking on the pictures doesn't seem to work as a link, but if you click the caption below each--including the one in the above left corner of this post--it will link you to the item listing where you can buy it.

Chrystal Nebula Necklace

Guardian Necklace

Lioness Necklace

Sun God Necklace

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