If you haven't yet noticed, I have entirely too many hobbies. In addition to studying, running, painting, and composing sappy songs and poetry that rhymes too much, I also dabble in writing novels. I've been working on a few since high school--apparently having a bazillion hobbies means you never really finish anything you start--and the first, The Spinner's Journey, is undergoing the massive editing process to get it to the point where I'm comfortable sending a few chapters to an agent or a publisher. In the meantime, I will also be building some new pages to devote to my stories on here. Check 'em out if you like; these links will be updated once I finish building the pages.

Story Summaries

Character Profiles

Peculiarities Explained

Aorean Geography

Legends of Aorea

I also tend to have my nose imbedded deep in a book at any given opportunity--that is, whenever I'm not otherwise occupied with my profession, one of my bazillion hobbies, or hanging out with my friends--and below you can find some information about what those books are. Check 'em out, if you get a chance. As a general rule, I don't read bad books.

Where Meine Freizeit Goes