Before You Read

Time for a little disclaimer:

In light of some recent controversy in my community regarding bloggers and talking to the press, I thought I’d include this page just to cover my own ass. Please see below before reading/quoting/otherwise taking seriously anything I say on this blog.

1) I am in the Army, but I do not speak for the Army. I speak entirely for myself. This blog is full of my thoughts and my feelings and my experiences, and mine alone. Being in the Military is a huge part of my life, so it does leak into some of my posts; however, this is not a blog about my Military experiences. It’s a blog devoted to my academic pursuit of spiritual, mythological, historical, and magical topics colored by some of my day-to-day experiences. Nothing more, nothing less. I am, for obvious reasons, not representative of the entire Military population.

2) I am a Pagan, but I do not speak for all Pagans. In fact, I’d say my personal set of beliefs isn’t exactly mainstream, in so much as the Pagan community could be considered mainstream. I am not Wicca, although I do like bits and pieces of many Wiccan traditions. What I believe is just that…what I believe, not necessarily what anyone else believes. That said, if you share any of my perspectives--or think that I am totally off-base--please tell me! I’d love to have a chat.

3) I am a student, not an expert. I study. I learn. I try to share my knowledge, discoveries, and theories. I do not speak for the rest of my university. I certainly don’t know everything about anything, and if you know better than I about some topics and would like to correct me, by all means, please do! I seek the truth and to speak true, but sometimes I make mistakes. Everyone does. I welcome criticism and corrections, provided that they’re founded. I buy into the principle of life-long learning and the vital importance of education, being self-motivated in one’s learning, and the all-around goodness of logic and reason. In fact, my devotion to logic and reasoning is one of the reasons I discarded my Catholicism and dove into Paganism. The more I researched it, really REALLY researched it, the less Christianity made sense, and the more the Pagan worldview spoke to me.

If anything else comes to mind that I deem important or worthy of posting, I’ll add that to my list…until then, thanks for reading! And please don’t get me in trouble with my superiors. I don’t want to quit my job. The pay is pretty good.