15 September 2011


Earth Goddess Moonshine by avewa-je-me
It occurred to me today after I finally got online long enough to catch up on the blogs I follow and check the (nearly pitiful) traffic stats for my (pathetically un-updated) blog that the one-year-birthday of my blog came and went without any note. So. Consider it now noted: my blog is one year old, plus a little change. Happy birthday, World Between The Trees!

Now that that’s out of the way, on to what I’ve been doing lately that’s kept me so busy and away from my laptop. We’ve had a shitton of training, mostly shooting and qualifying and hitting up various ranges, not to mention a pile of briefings. The shooting was the fun stuff. For the record, targets. Just targets.

Other than that, I’ve felt closer to the Earth for some reason. Maybe it’s the approaching autumn or being up so early every morning (usually around 4) that I can still see all the stars—including my beloved Orion—but regardless, it’s there, that feeling. I closed my eyes when I was out on the range this morning, just listening to the wind sweep across the grass and feeling my roots dig into ground beneath me, and knew. I knew I was a child of the Goddess, in all her incarnations. I knew my life had a purpose, and that purpose is what brought me to my current location and with this specific group of people. I knew that I was meant to lead. In what capacity and for how long and where I’ll be in a decade are still evading me, but there was still the simple knowing, the gut-knowledge, bone-knowledge, that I was where and when and how and with whom I’m meant to be.

It’s a good feeling.

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