03 September 2011

Being An Adult

It’s funny how little energy I have these days for any sort of writing. I’ve been creative in other ways—I made a new painting, and eventually I’ll post pictures of it, once the original has made its way to the person for whom I made it—but I’ve had nothing to blog say blog-wise. Anywho, my apologies for the my long blogging absence. Truth be told, I haven’t even been keeping up with the bazillion blogs I follow as of late. I’ve re-read some old favorite books (Wolfskin, Foxmask, The Sorceress and the Cygnet) and I’ve been re-watching all of my Buffy and Angel DVDs concurrently…but I just haven’t been active in the blogosphere. Regardless, I’m back.

To celebrate my return to (relatively) regular blogging, a list of things that make me feel like an adult:

  1. Doing my own dishes. I don’t have a dishwasher in my apartment, so my roommate and I take turns washing everything by hand. As much as I despised and avoided this activity while living with my parents, I now find it strangely soothing, much like folding laundry.
  2. On that note, doing my own laundry. While I’ve done this for several years now, it never ceases to make me feel that much more of a real, live adult every time I transfer my (unsorted) bundle of clothes from washer to drier.
  3. Having friends who are married, friends who have children, and friends who are married with children. I’ll admit most of my friends are single, but an increasing percentage of the people I socialize, work, and work out with are engaged, married, parents, etc. Of course, my now having *peers* whose ages range from 21 to 38 probably has something to do with that, too.
  4. Using a water filter. For some reason, every time I change the filter on my little Brita water dispenser, I get a pleasant twinge of adulthood-feelings. Just changed it this morning, so next time due is in November!
  5. Having my own set of wine glasses. Albeit these were a gift from Little Brother, they’re so pretty, and seeing them makes me smile and feel all adult-like. He’s the bestest little brother ever in the whole history of little brotherhood. Just don’t tell Littlest Brother I said that. I love them both equally. ☺
  6. Taking road trips to visit extended family members all by my lonesome. Taking roadtrips in general, come to think of it. I really like driving, blaring my music from my ipod, and singing along with every word. Perhaps that’s still the I wish I was a teenage with no responsibility whatsoever lingering in me, but roadtrips themselves—stopping for gas, hitting up whatever Starbucks I feel so inclined to hit up, using my GPS that I bought with my own money—definitely increases the I feel like an adult factor.
  7. And, finally, and perhaps the thing that makes me feel most like a member of the working, adult-society: buying eggs. Like in so many other areas, it’s the little things. I so love the feeling of going to the grocery store and picking out my very own carton of organic, free-range eggs.
Oh the magic of everyday life. 

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