31 January 2011

Music as Magic - Part IV

I will train my feet to go on with the joy,
a joy I have yet to reach.
I will let the sounds of these woods I have known
sink into blood and to bone.
I'll remain no more than is required of me,
until the spirit is gone.
~ Midlake, “Core of Nature.”

While I’m not sure the members of my new favorite indie band, Midlake, share my beliefs, they certainly reveal a deep, profound love of the natural world throughout their music. They speak of the forest, of the sunlight, of being left to their own ways, “a way of life that will surely be gone” (taken from another of their songs, titled “Small Mountain”). The music is folksy and somehow deep, and the vocals are, in a word, haunting. There’s a decent review of their second CD—the one I have been listening to nearly nonstop since I bought it on iTunes a month ago, called The Courage of Othershere.

I don’t have a whole lot more to say on the matter. Their music speaks for itself.

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