08 January 2011

First Suspicions, Proved Correct

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who happens
to be my favorite composer.
While taking a shower last night, some words and melody came to me as they often do, and I began to take to memory the music. By the time I finished taking the shower, I had written the first verse. When I got back to my room, I wrote it down, and then the chorus came to me, but I just couldn't complete the second verse until this evening. I had all but two lines dones. Today, however, as I dug through my drawer looking for a pair of earrings, I came across the notebook that was still marked with the page of the unfinished song. I sat down, scrounged around for another pen, and finished it. I may write the guitar part tomorrow. I can hear it in my head right now, weaving around the melody, but I haven't had a chance to put pen to paper and compose the exact chords. The song is called "First suspicion, proved correct." Enjoy.

I’ve been broken before, I’ve been torn,
I’ve been beaten to the ground.
I have followed in the steps of giants
whose passing barely made a sound.
It’s a strange world our fathers gave us,
it’s a hard road our mothers made for us,
and sometimes things just don’t work out.
Though I tried to be there for you
and lost myself in search of you,
I know the greater truth now:

It wasn’t worth the pain,
nor was it worth the time.
I should have stopped before I started,
for you were never mine.

I have been here before, now once more,
and I finally learned this time.
I’ve been lost in the woods, but always could
find my way home alright.
So armed with all of my memories,
I will not spin these fantasies,
and one day, I’ll be glad we’re through.
Until then, I’ll bite my tongue,
remind myself you’re not the one,
and, only in my dreams, be with you.

It wasn’t worth the pain,
nor was it worth the time.
I should have stopped when I suspected
that you were never mine.

No, you were never really mine.

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