04 January 2011

Some Quick Ramblings

"Hunter's Dance," completed 01-01-11
I didn’t think it was possible, but this final semester might be even busier than the last. I’m beginning to think I’ll never actually have free time for as long as I’m in the Army. Oh well. I did, after all, volunteer for this lifestyle. At least while I was home I managed to turn my sharpie sketch from my dream into a proper painting. I'm happy with the way it turned out; aren't you?

Some of us went for a quick run this morning. It wasn’t anything too long or quick or challenging, just about 30 minutes worth of jogging and one big hill. It was absolutely freezing outside, and like an idiot I was wearing shorts, so my legs definitely got cold. The wind was pretty intense, especially when we were going up the hill, but that was expected given the time of year and location. Have I mentioned yet how much I hate New York? I’m thinking of doing a half-marathon near my hometown in early spring, and then another marathon not too far away from school sometime in May before I graduate and get the hell out of this terrible, cold, dreary state for(hopefully)ever.

I have a new toy! I’ve been trying to get my hands on a black stone scrying bowl for about two years now, because I just have a feeling that of all methods of divination, a black stone bowl filled with water and sprinkled with a little mugwort would work best for me. I can’t really explain it; it’s just something I’ve always felt drawn towards, and therefore, always wanted to try. It wasn’t too expensive, and although it’s kinda tiny, I think I’ll be able to practice with it and *maybe* get some results. When, that is, I have time. I fear time will always be my limiting factor. Oh Chronos, why can’t you be my friend?

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