23 February 2011

Hungry Bejeweling

Picture from here. Apparently, I'd meet this
bro's dating standards. I'm a top ramen pro.
I need to go grocery shopping again. It may seem like a mundane task to most post-graduate personnel, but to those of us still very much in school (well, for another half-semester, anyway), the act of purchasing snacky-cakes is always an ordeal…particularly at my institution of study.

I ate my last piece of chocolate and a packet of pre-cooked tuna with soy sauce and garlic pepper last night. I am now completely and utterly out of food, so my sole sources of sustenance include the mess hall or dropping a $1 on ramen from our company store.

More noodles, anyone? Or am I the only carb-addict here?

First, I have to walk a bazillion miles just to get to my car. Ok, ok, you caught me. I’m exaggerating again. It’s actually about a 20 minute walk in normal weather conditions, but with the ice and snow built up all winter coating the shortcuts and pathways up the hill—did I mention the entire trek is a steep incline?—adds an extra ten or 15 minutes just to account for how many times I slip and fall. Then, after I’ve finally completed the journey to the parking lots, it’s a 30 minute drive to anywhere approaching civilization where I could actually purchase anything worthwhile. Of course, that’s 30 minutes not factoring in bad traffic, which is horrible in this part of New York. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if there is a part of New York where traffic isn’t terrible. Regardless, by the time I make it to a grocer, pick out what I want, and then get back on post, I have to deal with gate security, finding a parking space, and finally walking all the way back to my building from the lots. Thus, I can’t buy more than I can carry. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m not very big.

The whole thing trip takes about two or three hours, and if I want to stay well-stocked in noodles and crackers and cheese and fruit and the other yummy goodies I like to eat, it’s a bimonthly excursion.

I don’t have that kind of free time.

However, I did have time to make some more jewelry recently using wire, tiger tail, aventurine, hematite, glass, shell, black stone, and dark green agate. I made a matching set of earrings, cuff bracelet, and necklace. I call the set: Green Mystic. Pictures below. Enjoy!

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