10 June 2011

Vacation In Aruba? Why Yes, Thank You

Where I'll be this time tomorrow (sorta). Pic from here.
Yeah, I know. I'm awful. I have literally nothing to do but work out, relax, and chill with the few friends I grew up with who still live around here, and I still don't find time to blog. Oh well…
I've been quite busy in the working out and chilling with friends department. I've been recently reconnecting with a very, very old friend, with whom I lost touch many years ago. Not even as in "we haven't spoken since high school" lost touch, but rather, we hadn't spoken since elementary school. To be more precise, I'm pretty sure we parted ways when I was in fourth grade and he, in fifth. Either way, our mutual love of music (and, likely, the fact that I'm kinda cute) inspired him to start talking to me out of nowhere. Not a romantic reconnecting by any stretch of the imagination, but just a nice, easy, reconnecting of friends. Very platonic.
Well, at least it seems that way, and that's how I've chosen to approach it. I would be lying if I said I knew what, precisely, he has in mind. It's not like I'm here in Virginia for very much longer, fabulous state though it is.

I've also been spending a lot—and I mean a LOT, as in almost every day—with my bestest friend in the whole world, whom I will likely blog about in the future, so she might as well get a name. We were BFFs in high school, and we always hung out at least once whenever I came home, although we spent less time together this past year on account of my almost never coming home and her having a boyfriend. Of course, both situations have since been rectified. In a supreme, heroic, and mostly successful attempt to keep her busy and her mind off her ex-beau, we've been watching movies, having sleepovers just like we're in middle school again, and pursuing various other activities. Flirting with beautiful strangers, naturally, factors into the list. I've also been campaigning that she should move to Texas with me, where we can be roommates, since there's nothing left here in Virginia to hold her back. She seems to be leaning towards the idea, and I really, really hope she agrees to pick up and move with me in February.
Not only will I enjoy her company, it'll save us both a buttload on rent payments.

And, unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of time to blog about anything meaningful or Pagan, as I need to get back to packing. I took a break from sifting through piles of laundry and shoes and swimsuits to plug my iPod into the computer to charge, and I figured, what the hell. Haven't updated my blog in forever, because it's summer, I'm in one of my lazy streaks again, and I hardly ever get on the computer lately. I also won't be able to write anything else for about a week, since we're taking a family vacation to Aruba! I'm superexcited about that one. Younger Brother can't make it (he's learning how to jump out of planes right now), but Youngest Brother can, as well as both of our parents and one of my Aunts. It should be a blast, but I definitely won't be blogging while I'm laying out on the beach with a pina colada.
However, I promise, one of these days I'll get around to writing about both my awesome new tattoo and the warrior meditation I did at the last New Moon. Promise. For serious!

And, one final teensie tiny thing before I take a week-long break from all technology, I have a new email address just for the blog! So if you desire to contact me but don't want to leave a contact, you can by using this: anden.jade37@gmail.com

Blessed be.

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