17 January 2013

Ex Umbras

I lived in the darkness,
in the shadows of a primal cave;
I was a force to be reckoned with,
and all who heard it, feared my name.
I thrived in the dark there,
living for the hunt, the chase.
I was the only one I needed;
in the darkness I was safe.

And when the light came in,
     I was blinded and then
     the nighttime had come to an end.
At first I was scared
     until I saw you there,
     with your hair all a-stir in the wind.

You were everything I wanted to be.
     Suddenly it all made sense to me:
I’d spent all my life trying to survive,
     not realizing what I’d been missing.

When I lived in the darkness,
in the heat of a hunter’s race,
when I was a force to be reckoned with,
when everyone knew my name,
I was alone in the dark there,
where I thought I was safe;
but now that I have found you,
nothing is ever going to be the same.

Because the light came in,
     trailing songs on the wind,
     and you shattered all of my doubts.
It was strange and surreal
     the way you made me feel;
     there could never be anyone else.

For you are everything I want with me;
     you’re all of the stars in the sky I can see.
I’ve spent all of my life barely half-alive,
     not knowing it’s you I was missing.

And I’m not letting go,
     now that I finally know
     what love is supposed to be like.
I’m never leaving you,
     now that I have found the truth:
     you are the source of the light.

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