16 July 2011

Music As Magic...Again. Sorta.

So I’ve been musically and creatively very busy over the past few days. See, one of the fabulous things about now owning a MacBook is that I also now have access to garage band, which is an awesome music recording and mixing program. Thus, all those songs I wrote over the past four years but never got to turn into mp3s are now—slowly and a little shaky, I must admit, considering the software is not quite what I’m used to—getting digitally immortalized. I’ve already recorded, converted, and uploaded two songs (“Memory Wind” and “Orion”) to my SoundCloud website, and I’m finalizing the recording of another one (“The Search”) presently. Two and a half down, ten and a half more to go before I have the complete discography of my second CD, Woven Patterns Incomplete, ready to go. Shoot me an email if you’d like to reserve your copy now! Some of the lyrics to the other songs on the album have been posted in previous blog entries, or else under my poetry section, but most have not. Regardless, here’s a sneak preview of the CD insert that will come with:

1.    the severing
2.    angelus dixit
3.    orion
4.    so much for economics
5.    deafening, inevitable
6.    adam & eve
7.    memory wind
8.    bitter in voronezh
9.    a dreamer’s confessions
10.  amazon
11.  skywalker
12.  the search
13.  morrighan

A park in Voronezh, Russia
A cliffside near Kislovodsk, Russia

In short, I’m having a blast. Stay tuned for more examples of my ridiculous right-brained-ness to follow.

If you want to listen to the two songs I have uploaded as of last night, go here.

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