01 August 2011

Slowly Settling In. SLOWLY.

My home for the next few months. Map from here.
Well, it’s been a helluva day so far.

I’m officially moved out of my parents’ house and slowly but surely settling in down in Missouri. It’s hotter here than Virginia was, but less humid, if only slightly. The humidity, as they say, is what really gets you. I have my own bedroom, but I share a bathroom and kitchenette with another woman. She’s moving out in about three weeks, but then I’ll likely get another roommate before too long. I’ve unpacked most of my things already, but the trunk of my car is still full (mostly of books, some clothes for later in the year once the weather turns, my electric guitar, and then a garbage bag full of shoes).

The drive was relatively uneventful, although there was a near-miss involving a blind spot, someone flying up on my left, and an attempted lane-change. Luckily, swerving saved us both, and there’s not a scratch on Shadowfax. Yet. Shadowfax, of course, being the name of my car. I spent Saturday night at my aunt & uncle’s house and then rolled onto my new post Sunday afternoon to get my apartment, although it has more of the feel of a dorm. Some of my friends who showed up earlier have slightly larger rooms and more furnishings in their kitchen—we just have a microwave, a toaster, a blender, and a fridge—but I’m ok with this. It’s not like I’m an expert chef anyway, so I can live without a stovetop. What’s a few more months living off ramen and microwaveable dinners? And, of course, takeout.

The statue of Diana that my grandfather carved is currently sitting in the corner at the foot of my bed. There isn’t really anywhere else to put it, and I’m certainly not going to relegate one of my matron goddesses to the closet, spacious as that closet may be. I have plenty of room under my bed for my guitars and keyboard, and some overhead space in the closet for my empty suitcases. The shelves I filled with my uniforms, hung up some of my dresses, and folded the rest of my clothes and put them in drawers. I have both a bureau and a desk with lots of drawer space, so with only one more suitcase to unpack (and most of that one isn’t even clothes anyway), I have a full two and a half drawers left of empty space. I’m pretty much set.

Gregory the Gargoyle is currently sitting on my desk, staring at me as I type. I hooked up my printer—had to buy a USB cable for that this morning so I could link it to my computer, since our rooms have Ethernet and not WiFi—so that’s a sigh of relief, too. I’ve already had to print a bazillion forms and make a bazillion copies.

Anywho, I have to run to a formation in a few minutes, so I need to get ready to leave. And by run, I mean drive. I probably wouldn’t make it if I had to run.

I’ll fill in some more details and resume regular blogging activities once I’m a little more settled in here. Until then, my posting will likely be sporadic like it was all summer.

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