16 September 2010


"Time Flies" Charm from Bead Critter
Time has really been getting away from me lately. I say this for several reasons. First off, it’s almost Mabon, and I still don’t know how I’m going to celebrate. Secondly, I have a race in three weeks. I haven’t been running nearly enough, and on 3 October I’m signed up for a half-marathon. Furthermore, I have three exams and a research paper due next week. This evening, I’m attending a leadership panel. This Saturday, we have our second home football game. Where, oh where, is my September flying off to? Summer is about to officially end, and I feel like I never even really had one.

Oh, and Starbucks, somehow discovering that I am an addict, sent me a gift certificate redeemable for one free drink, any drink, of my choice in honor of my birthday last month. It expires at the end of this month…so I need to find a Starbucks pretty soon.

Regardless, it’s been a good week, and this week was infinitely less hectic than last week. I managed to actually have some fun (namely one of my best friends *finally* turned 21 yesterday, so we celebrated rather extensively that evening as he was the youngest of all of us. Most of us are 22 and 23 now). But with another week gone, I’m also another week with books unread, miles unrun, rituals unperformed, stories unwritten, friends untalkedto, and I’m one week closer to making a choice that determines the rest of my life: my branch. There really just isn’t enough time in the world to pursue everything I want to pursue. I wish that little time traveling device Hermione used in Harry Potter to attend all of her classes was real (or that the world of Harry Potter was real, for that matter). Again, nerd alert. I know, I still don’t care, and now moving on.

It’s nice and cool here this afternoon, so I think I’ll go for a quick 5-miler on the roads since I don’t have enough time to drive to some trails and be back before my Frisbee game early this evening. I don’t really have any homework tonight except for some reading, so maybe I’ll be able to do that after my run and before the game as well. It all depends on how fast I run…and I’m not going to get my hopes up that I’ll be that fast. Like my marathon last spring, my primary goal for this upcoming race is to finish. I’ll be inviting my Matrons do run along with me today. I like to think that they usually run with me anyway, but I feel like I’m at least doing something when I extend the invitation. Sometimes I can even hear an extra set of footsteps, and even if it’s only an echo of my own, who’s to say that the gods don’t travel in echoes? I think Deity is all around us, all the time, in everything. The echoing footsteps may as well be Diana’s, and so I will continue to envision them as such.

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