12 October 2010


Picture from here. It seemed appropriate to me.
I'm beginning to wonder at the strange things my subconscious produces.

It's been months since I've dreamed anything worthwhile, and not remembering my dreams for so long tends to make me nervous. I try to record every dream that I remember upon waking, but as soon as I miss writing down one dream, they all fade to oblivion as soon as I open my eyes until Morpheus decides my head could use screwing with again, and suddenly I'm dreaming then waking up, saying, "What the hell happened in my brain last night?" This was one of those mornings. Morpheus went wild last night...although he had some help. As I said, I get nervous when it's been a while since I've remembered my dreams, so sometimes I'll give a little push. In this case, I just stuck an amethyst, some quartz, and the Moon tarot card underneath my pillow, laid my hands on them, and whispered a prayer for dreams to help shed some wisdom on my current path.

Evidently, it worked.

I haven't finished recording the dream just yet, but I did write down a sketch outline with key words to remind me of what happened in it so that when I have time later today, I can flesh it out in my dream journal. Once that is done, prepare for a nice narrative on how messed up my subconscious is. The best part was at the end. For a little taste to tide you over until I release the full story this afternoon: at one point I was conversing with a stone woman, who I'm pretty sure was supposed to represent an anscestor of mine.

More to follow.

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