07 October 2010

Word of the Weekend

First and foremost, I apologize for my lack of entries. It has, as always, been incredibly busy for me lately; thus, those voluntary activities of mine (such as music, art, free-writing, and yes, blogging) must take a back seat to all my non-voluntary requirements. Now, without further ado, here’s an update on my life:

This weekend brought a whole new dimension to my use of the word “fabulous.”

If you haven’t noticed yet, dear readers, it’s one of my favorite adjectives, and I’m not particularly sparing with it. Along with “fantastic,” and my preferred hybrid “fantabulous,” I’ll admit I have the tendency to exaggerate the awesomeness of things. However, this past weekend, I participated in an event which only one word can adequately describe, and for that word to be an adequate description, I must use it in the full extent of its scope of definition. Incidentally, that word is FABULOUS.

I participated this past Sunday morning in the inaugural Diva Race, a half-marathon hosted on Long Island exclusively for women (never mind the fact that the whole event was organized by a man). There was also a girls 5k run, but I ran with one of my roommates in the full 13.1 miles of cold, windy, roads through Eisenhower Park. I reached my goal pace—just barely broke 2 hours, which I’ll consider not bad for having not really trained nearly as much as I would have liked beforehand—which also was about 20 min faster than I ran the half-marathon split when I did the full 26.2 last May in New Jersey. Thus, I’m totally thrilled. I didn’t have to walk at all either! That was another of my goals.

Around mile-9, a little more than halfway there but right around the same time my knees started to complain and my hips decided to jump on board the painful bandwagon, I saw a hawk flying gracefully overhead, and I just knew that my Goddess was with me. I felt it. With an elated (and likely crazy-looking to those who could not hear inside my head) smile, I continued on to pick up my hot-pink feather boa and shiny silver tiara at mile-12 and finish the race. It was so inspiring to see all women out there, running, jogging, walking in honor of feminine pride and power…and yet the whole thing was organized by a dude. Pink, sparkly, happy goodies everywhere. Roses and champagne and hot firemen to hand us our super-blinged out medals when we crossed the finish line…and it was all put together by a bro. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t.

Oh well. It was still a completely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S weekend excursion, topped off by a fabulous trip to Outback Steakhouse with my roommate to make use of a gift-card my parents got me for my birthday a few months ago. Regretfully I never had a chance to use it before then! But free lunch is free lunch.

I’ll be taking an easy weekend starting tomorrow afternoon, and we have no classes on Monday, so I’ll be able to just run, rest, read, write, paint, sing, play my guitar, and do all those other FABULOUS things I never get a chance to do anymore. So. Fingers crossed, there should be a plethora of new entries this weekend to make up for the utter lack of writing this week…

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