05 May 2011

Bitter Blade

I wrote this in my history class this morning. I managed to pay attention, too. Promise. Anyway, I'm really happy with the way it turned out, from the rhythm and rhyming pattern to the imagery and the general content. It is, as ever, inspired by my endless drama. Enjoy, and do tell me what you think!

Cold the wind and dark the night
     as I tremble by your side
merciliess and unforgiving
     I hold your name
          you hold the knife
Standing on the edge, we balance
     careful not to careless cross
the line we drew in months gone by
     we can’t give away
          what we already lost
Sharp the blade, bitter the end
     more, but so much less, than friend
merciless and unforgiving
     the wounds we made
          we cannot mend
They say that healing comes in time
     but I grow colder every day
shivering against your chest
     the warmth you give
          I leach away
Cold the wind and dark the sea
     swimming on the edge of dreams
merciless and unforgiving
     there’s no more warmth
         you’re cold as me


  1. Hmm... strange I thought I commented on this, but it's not showing up. Anyways, this poem is awesome!

  2. lol thanks :) and yeah commenting on blogger is weird now. i have to click things like three times before it actually comments.