02 January 2012

God/ess Statues

So I’m back in the (not so great) state of Missouri. The Bad News: I’m here. The Good News: I’m only here for three more weeks, roughly. Anywho, I’ve been a busy little (Pagan) artist in the past week. I don’t have an oven in my apartment, so while I was at my parent’s house in Virginia I decided to make use of their baking capabilities to get back into my sculpting. For quite some time I have been wanting little statues of my m/patron deities, but as an artist I always have a hard time buying anything that I could make myself. Furthermore, I believe that things we create with our own hands have more power than things someone else—or especially a machine—creates. Thus, I bought a pack of polymer clay and I went to work.

I couldn’t complete the statues in Virginia because I’d left my paints at my apartment, so I had to wait until I drove back here to add color. Anywho, the way I have chosen to represent my deities may not be the way they’re usually represented, but it’s to the best of my modest abilities I have fashioned god/ess statues as I see them. I took some pictures of the finished products, posted below. Enjoy!

In her many incarnations throughout the centuries, Diana has been the virgin goddess of the moon and the hunt. However, she existed prior to the Roman mythologized version (linked with Artemis after the Greek influence), and that’s the version I follow. I honor Diana at the Full Moon.

The Morrighan:
Irish goddess of war and (somewhat) sex. She flies over battlefields in the form of a Raven and mates with the Daghda at Beltaine. Pretty badass. I honor the Morrighan at the New Moon.

A Celtic god, Lord of the Forest, Lord of the Animals. I associate him with the Green Man, and although he’s usually depicted with the antlers of a Stag, but in a dream once he looked more like a satyr, only without the goat legs. Although I do not work with him as often as I do Diana and the Morrighan, but now and then he pops up in my meditations.

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