17 January 2012

Some Military Stuff

Detail from my latest painting, Amazonia Reborn.
It's a shame that serving in the Armed Forces isn't
more like being a legendary warrior instead of being
shit on every day by everyone who outranks you.
So you know how I rarely talk about my career on here? Well, this post is pretty much Army-centric, so skip it if you're only interested in the more Pagan-minded of my posts.

So I may be deploying right away once I get to my unit. I finally found out why no one has contacted me from the unit I’m joining in Texas, and it’s because they’re not IN Texas right now. They’re downrange, fighting the good fight, making the world safe for Democracy and all that jazz. So. I could either fall in with Rear Det…or I could disappear for half a year and see what happens. I’m glad I haven’t signed any papers on an apartment lease yet. On the up side, deployments = good career experience, saving the world, an opportunity to actually serve and fulfill my commitment to the Constitution as well as my personal ideals, etc, and then at least I found out *now* as opposed to after I show up and say, “Hey! I’m here! …Just kidding. Won’t bother to unpack.”

Then again, this is something that it would’ve been nice to know, say, when they left. But whatevs. No re-writing the past, eh?

I guess we’ll see what happens. I hate this uncertainty. I know that the majority of my unit is gone right now, but since they still have a lot of people state-side, it’s like 40/60 chance whether I’m staying/going. It all depends where they need me, and that’s not something I can find out until I do show up and say, “Hey! I’m here!”

I just wish I KNEW what I’d be doing! It changes my settling in vs. just getting a hotel for a week plan completely. It's times like these that I really wish I were just a Firebird.

One more week, just one more week, and then I’m out of this miserable state…at least until I hit O-3, that is.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Missouri?

Below is the full-size version of my latest painting. Enjoy. Since it's my work, please link back if you copy it. Thanks.

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  1. Ah this is exactly how I was/am feeling! Our commander changed his mind like three times about who was going, and now that I know I'm going, they keep changing my position. They don't even need me there because they're all ready too heavy on officer positions, which means getting stuck in some crappy job in the middle of nowhere. Oh well... Like you said, though, it's a good experience either way you look at it :)