02 March 2011

Just A Boring Rambling.

Just a quick update:

I passed my combatives final!!!

I’m not sure what kind of grade I earned, but I know the instructor gave me at least one bonus point for leading in with a strike instead of just blocking…and then he told me I needed to hit harder, which didn’t surprise me considering I don’t hit all that hard. (That’s why I liked the grappling portion better, since I could rely on actual techniques to be effective, instead of just trying to hit harder and faster than the other person.) I suppose they’ll tell us our grades eventually, but at least I know I passed, and therefore don’t have to take the course again. Graduation requirements are now one step closer to being met, so I am one step closer to being happy. And free.

Well, sorta. One step closer to being relatively free for two months before I have to go to Missouri and then, finally, nestle myself into Texas. At least I have those two months of freedom to look forward to, however. I plan on getting another two tattoos, a third piercing in each ear, my right cartilage pierced, and then perhaps an eyebrow piercing as well. I plan on getting everything the day after graduation so they have maximum time to heal before I have to take everything out and pretend to be normal, but it might be three or four days after instead. We’ll see. It all depends on what my former roommate and BFF (I’ll probably mention her again, so we’ll name her Aurora for blogging purposes) will let me get away with before she gets married to her fiancé. I’m one of the bridesmaids, and I’m not too sure Aurora will like my having a fresh tat on my right ankle proclaiming my bellatrix-ness as I march with one of the groomsmen down the aisle, and I’m not sure if she’d approve of the eyebrow ring. It might clash with the pale yellow bridesmaid’s dress. So…worst case scenario, my new body art will have to wait a few days.

That’s all I have time for now, but I’ll try to think of something *meaningful* to blog about later today or tomorrow.

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