26 October 2011

Buffy Versus Bridget? No Contest

Buffy will always be my hero, and
Gellar will always be Buffy to me.
Today was another hectic day, in a hectic week, in a hectic month, in a hectic year, in a hectic life. Perhaps one of these days I’ll slow down…and then I’ll likely get bored. I spent the better part of the day stressed, running late to one thing or another, and trying to print a 20page document I spent the last two evenings (and most of last night) writing. And what’s even better? I get to do it all again tomorrow, and Friday, and then for the first half of next week, too. Another 20 pages due Friday, and my hours are occupied from 0500 every morning (often earlier) to 1800 every evening (and sometimes later). But hey, at least I get paid for this, right?

In other news, my random illness seems to be responding well to the meds. I can tell my throat is still a little swollen, and it hurts still, but other than that I feel fine. That said, I’ve always had an unusually high tolerance for pain & discomfort, so things tend to be a lot worse than I think they are. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Of course, as always, even when I have zero time to myself, or to read or write or paint or draw or sing or play my guitar, I manage to acquire drama. The recent drama is nothing new (see: Well, This Feels Familiar), and nothing particularly heart shattering, but sucks. Breaking hearts, and being broken in return. It seems to be a pattern. Anywho…I’m going to get back to the current episode of CW’s Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar (I miss Buffy). I’ve been trying to watch it for the past three days now, and something keeps glitching with the internet, making it take 20 minutes to watch 5 min of video and 10 min of commercials. The show is pretty good. I mean, it’s no Vampire Diaries, but it’s delicious all the same.

Now on for the real reason of the post: the latest installment in my Halloween/Samhain music videos! Today’s choice is Bette Middler’s portrayal of Winifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus, quite possibly the greatest Halloween movie of all time. In my (occasionally) humble (but never wrong) opinion. Here’s Winifred, the lead sister, singing “I Put A Spell On You.” Enjoy!

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