30 October 2011

Zombies And Ghosts And Vampires, Oh My!

Fun movie! Hot cast. Pic from here.
I didn’t sleep at all Thursday night. We were finally released for the weekend Friday evening around 1800, and I took a shower & went to bed with the intent of getting up in an hour or so to post another video here and then meet up with some friends for dinner. However, we all went to bed with the intention of getting up, and then no one did. I slept straight through from 1900 until 0430 the next morning when the alarm I had forgotten to un-set started blaring, at which point I promptly decided “to hell with it” and slept until almost noon.

Then on Saturday, I just completely forgot for the day apparently that I have a blog, and that I was posting music videos of Halloween & Samhain themed songs. Instead, I spent the afternoon drinking tea, watching vampire movies (Lost Boys, Lost Boys: The Tribe, and Lost Boys: The Thirst), and making some final adjustments to my Xena-esque warrior goddess costume. Apparently I’ve lost a lot of weight since last October, which although a pleasant surprise, necessitated about an hour of sewing on the corset and skirt so they’d fit again. Pictures of this year’s wearing of the black “leather” armor will be posted here once my friends send them to me, as unfortunately they’re all on other people’s cameras.

Anywho, because I missed Friday and Saturday with Halloween music videos, I’ll post two now and then another one for Sunday later this evening. Enjoy! Today's selections come from Rob Zombie & My Chemical Romance.

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