22 April 2011

If You Need An Introduction

Breakfast of champions. Yes, I really did put my jelly
beans in rainbow order before I ate them this morning.
While I still consider myself a newbie blogger—after all, I’ve only been at it since August 2010—I think I’ve been a fairly prolific one. There has also been some interest lately among my friends and acquaintances who have only recently discovered my blog in which entries they should read to get a feel for everything. Thus, I have put together a list, in my neither humble nor impartial opinion, of my favorite entries. I went through, all the way back to last August, and picked out the titles that I remembered writing. In no particular order, here are my top ten entries that I feel best characterize the purpose of my blog and what I believe.

1) Sic Semper Tyrannis

2) Arrows In The Dark Woods

3) Necessary Decay

4) Holidays, Twilight, and Forest Treks

5) Tuatha de Danann and Immortality

6) My Letter to the World, Part 1

7) Sunshinin' Charioteer with a tendency towards the EXTREME

8) Some Thoughts On Rotten Oranges

9) Clausewitzian Uncertainty

10) Music As Magic

And, although it is not one of my favorites nor does it particularly represent anything I stand for, I will include a link to my all-time most popular post in terms of hit numbers: I Am Not Aphrodite. If there are any posts not on this list that you few devoted followers of mine would add in your top ten, do share!

To my Christian friends, Happy Easter Weekend!

Blessed be.

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