29 August 2010

Claudio Sanchez is AWESOME.

Coheed & Cambria

So the concert I went to last night was absolutely amazing, and even though I had to drive more than six hours to get there & back, it was definitely worth the trip. The show took place in a really sketchy and random section of town outside Pittsburgh. In fact, the venue shared a building with a Goodwill store. No joke. The peeling ceiling led an appropriately apoclyptic atmosphere, thereby justifying the location choice. Under normal circumstances, evidently the venue is a skating rink. I didn't even know those were still in use. I haven't been in one since elementary school, and I'm pretty sure the one we used to go to then shut down ten years ago. In the meantime, Coheed & Cambria is still awesome, and after seeing Claudio Sanchez and his insane hair in person (we were maybe ten feet from the stage!), I think I may have to track down the comic books that tell the sci-fi story of The Amory Wars, which serves as the plot behind the music. Gotta love concept albums :) I own all of their CDs, so the comic books seem to be the logical next stemp.

However, that's going to have to wait another pay check or two. All my spare income is currently invested, so none of it's really spendable at the moment. More on prosperty to (appropriately, so it seems), follow...

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