15 August 2010

My article got published on Witchvox!

My article has already been published on Witchvox! It's not particularly long, or particularly detailed, but it's only been about two weeks since I submitted it, so I was surprised to see it published so quickly. It's about the moment when I didn't really make a conscious decision to go *public* with my beliefs, but mainly just decided not to lie about it when asked directly in front of a crowd of my peers...and then it turned out far better than I expected. It was that experience, as much as anything else, that inspired me to start a blog and get my voice out there...even if no one is really listening yet. The article on Witchvox, I think, will help. I know I check the site weekly. Hopefully I won't get too much hatemail :) but at least that will mean someone read it! Here's the link to the article: Open Doors. As of a few seconds ago...243 people have already read it! Goodness, I am such a nerd to be excited about this, but fear of being a nerd has never stopped me before so I won't let it curb my enthusiasm now.

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