02 August 2010

First (of hopefully many) entry!

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, which is likely what inspired me to try writing one. I’m not sure how consistently I’ll be able to keep this up, how long I’ll have anything to say, or if anyone will even be interested in what I do say. Likely not. I maintain that we are only interesting to ourselves, and to everyone else, merely different shades of boring.

Regardless, here I am. Let the blogging begin!

I’ve spent my summer at various training events. Learned a lot, learned a little, in general learned about myself. Most importantly, I learned that I don’t like spending four days in a row borderline hypothermic and hallucinating from hunger, lack of sleep, and general discomfort; however, I’d rather spend all summer doing precisely that than spend another week doing paperwork at a lame desk job. Dear Gods, I want to get out in the field again! And for the record…yes, I said Gods.

My goals for this blog are, at the surface, to be an outlet for self expression. At a slightly deeper level, I’d like the blog to be a journey, a reflection of my path to learning and discovery and all the bumps along the way. I don’t have any planned topics, apart from my spiritual practice, encounters, and development. I’ll post pictures of any new artwork or craft projects, as well as any new song recordings. I’ll be working with a few other musicians this upcoming fall and winter, just for fun and to see where it takes us. We have no professional plans. We’re all too busy with work and school for that, and music will remain--like so many other of my interests--merely a hobby.

That’s all I have for now. Expect more later, hopefully soon.

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