31 August 2010

Prosperity - Part 2

Highlighters: Not just for notetaking!
First and foremost, please forgive me for any flow, spelling, grammar, or other errors in this post. I didn't have time to edit. Secondly, I know it’s been almost two weeks since Prosperity Part 1, but it’s been very hectic for me with academics kicking into full swing along with my various duties. Nevertheless, here it finally is! The second (and final, for now, at least) portion of my thoughts on prosperity magic!

I’m functioning under the assumption that many practicing Pagans would disagree with me on this one, but I think it’s silly to perform magic as a means of gaining material wealth. There are tons of grimoires out there, both online and in book form, that imply otherwise and thus, provide tons of spells for acquiring more money. However, I still think it’s silly. I’m not going to petition the Universe to grant me more cash, because whether or not I have enough dough to feed my Starbuck’s addiction and wear shiny things is not, incidentally, the Universe’s problem. It’s my problem. However, there are some spells and rituals and prayers (more up my alley than spells, after all) that could facilitate this endstate, without directly asking for more money (which, again, seems silly to me).

Thus, if I ever feel the need to weigh down my pockets with more change, I think I’d pursue more practical--and by practical, I mean mundane--methods, such as oh, I don’t know, looking through the want ads for a new job. However, in order to facilitate the practical method, which is what I consider to be the purpose for magical practice anyway, I see no problem in petitioning for certain things, such as increased energy to help you in your pursuit of prosperity, a successful hunt (this is perhaps what I would use to ask Diana for help, as she is, after all, a goddess of the Hunt), et cetera. Depending on what I was asking for specifically, whether good luck, increased energy, a successful hunt, the correspondences I’d choose would likewise vary. For energy, I’d use energetic scents--perhaps ones with a citrusy base, or a bright lemon scent, even a fresh pine--and equally energetic colors, like yellow and orange. As these colors are similarly associated with air and fire, they seem all the more appropriate to me. I’m not above resorting to neons and highlighters, either. A spell for an energy boost could be as simple as taking a highlighter or other brightly colored pen and writing down the goals you need the energy boost for--or even just a few words that energize you, or a prayer to a sun god you feel close to could also work--and then offering up those words to the flames of a candle. If you have the luxury of a cauldron, you can toss the pieces of paper onto a burning charcoal. Regretfully, I can’t add a cauldron to my collection of magical goodies until I get out of school. Apparently they’re a fire hazard. I really can’t wait to start expanding my domestic expertise to include cauldron cooking, however!

And on that note, I must return to my academic pursuits. Currently I’m reading Plato’s Republic for a political philosophy class, then after that it’s working problems for nuclear engineering, then after that I have to read some case descriptions and opinions for my law class…and then maybe eventually I’ll get to sleep, but that’s unlikely.

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