18 August 2010

New Nails & Statuettes

Incidentally, these are not my nails. Found the picture
on a google image search and liked it...
In an attempt to further my connection with my deities, I’ve fashioned some tiny statuettes of their primary familiars out of modeling clay and rhinestones. I had some clay left over after I made the broach to pin the “wolf-skin” cloak as part of my Halloween costume, so I thought I would put the extra to good use. I also *finally* brought my paints up from the basement trunk room, where they were buried in my locker for the summer; thus, I can paint the unfinished figurines sometime next week. The rest of this week will be filled with reading, hair cut appointments, lectures, getting my class ring, and going-away parties for my friends leaving on semesters abroad. My family is coming up as well to watch the ceremony and attend the other formalities, and we have dinner reservations for Friday night at this cute little restaurant that overlooks the river, although I have no idea how I’ll entertain them Saturday morning and afternoon. My point, however, is that this will be a very busy week and weekend, so any painting is not likely to take place until next week. At least with the delay I have plenty of time to plan what the final product of my familiar figurines will look like. Currently my Raven, in the all-white clay, looks more like a dove…an entirely inappropriate representation for the Morrighan. At least the Wolf, even in plain white, still looks canine and feral. I currently have them resting on top some of my candle holders (the Raven is perching on the black candle for protection, and the wolf is sitting on an orangey-gold candle for spirit and vision work). The candles seemed like good enough temporary homes. I need to get my hands on some wire to make some feet for the Raven still, as she looks a little bit ridiculous without them. Perhaps I can convince my parents to snag some wire from my beading/craft collection back home when they come up tomorrow. I’ll post pictures when the statuettes are finished. I’m not a fan of showing the process of my art, just the final products! The in-between stages are never pretty enough to satisfy my vanity :)

Got my hair cut today, as well as my nails done, in anticipation of the weekend! Despite being in the Military, I still like being a girl, and salon time is a great way to fulfill that. Plus the beauty salon we have on post is pretty good. One of my roommates and I booked appointments and walked down after lunch. Everyone was really nice, and they did a good job (which is way more important, in my book). Now, that I’ve finally got some free time, I’m going to squeeze in some yoga. I would go for a run, but it’s too hot outside and I’m simply not that dedicated. The half-marathon isn’t until October, so I have plenty of time to get my mileage back up…at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Yoga time with Rodney Yee DVDs it is!

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